hugh-macfarlane.jpgsinger.jpgImagine learning that your Great, Great Grandfather, Hugh MacFarlane was the recipient of an (OBE) Order of the British Empire and that he convinced the Singer Sewing Machine company in Arrochar Scotland to actually stop making sewing machines and start making ammunition for the war effort and support the troops! Suddenly you realize , it's in the genes, what else could it be?

Sterling Cross is Canada's Leading Ammunition Manufacturer servicing the National and International Defense, Law Enforcement and Commercial end user communities, with best in class, factory new, remanufactured, frangible and 12 gauge ammunition. Current Calibers available, .22 cal, 9mm, 40cal, 45 ACP, 223/556 .308/762x51, 30/06, 338/ .50/12.7x99.  OEM clients welcome!

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