C71-REBELFIGHTER Bumper Sticker

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To the rebellion, our fight is a just and noble cause. We must, repeat must rebel against this abomination to our rights! The mere fact that this law is aimed at stripping away our rights leads all of us to believe "whats next?". If these certain rights that we enjoy are to be taken away we can only imagine what is next under this Liberal Government. The fight is much more than a Liberal government, it is the very rights that we as gun owners have agreed to defend and uphold! We as PAL holders actually signed an agreement that we have given some of our rights away. Now they are going after all of us believing we would never fight in any way shape or form to protect the rights of ALL Canadians. If nothing else we are the last line of defence in our country. The simple right to Hunt, the simple right to own a firearm is at this point in time in extreme jeopardy. We as individuals must ban together and put aside any politics of all our groups, clubs & associations may have and fight this horrendous attack together on the law abiding citizens who believe in our country much more than these politicians. Sadly, the only way to assist our politicians and organizations is to help provide financial assistance to ensure, more awareness is brought to the forefront. Simple barking on instagram or facebook will not suffice. We need constant and clear pressure brought on to their faces. To do so all of our organizations will need funds to hire more people to aggressively lobby our position. To print more literature, to produce videos and aggressive marketing campaigns, to assist in travel for the leaders of those organizations to be in the face of the very government who threatens to weaken us even further. 

You must do your part, you must become a C-71 Rebel Fighter!!! 

We have created the C71-REBELFIGHTER campaign as a way to raise money to help the National Firearms Association (NFA), the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA).  You get to decide who the proceeds go to when you purchase a bumper sticker.

We must vote out this government, we must put the right one in. Remember C-71 is but merely the beginning of the further decline of the very Nation we as its citizens believed in wholeheartedly and so proudly. If we all do not do our part, our own simple part , then we are simply hoping it will change and without action there is no hope!!

Do your part, become a


9"x2" Bumper Sticker