Looking for Ammunition?

Contact us for bulk purchase of pistol, rifle & Shotgun ammunition. 

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We offer:

  • Remanufactured Ammunition
  • New Factory Loads (new brass)
  • Frangible
  • Lead-Free
  • Small Arms Ammunition, up to .50 CAL (12.7x99mm NATO)
  • Specialty rounds also available 


SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION Technical Specifications:

9mm 115gr FMJ 



12.7x99mm Ball (M33)

12.7x99mm Tracer (M17)

12.7x99mm Linked





Public Order Control

A brand new section from Sterling Cross now provides support on helmets, shields, body armour and OC sprays specialized for public order control. With public safety receiving more attention, public safety is our number one priority in ensuring both officers and citizens are fully protected. While our inventory and product categories continue to expand, Sterling Cross continues to serve you the best quality products with top notch customer service.

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For more information, download the SCDS Riot Shields techsheet and the SCDS Robo Suit techsheet.


Ballistic Protection

SCDS Special Ops Bunker


bunker1.jpgThe S.O.B. is a modular, moveable, multi-use ballistic bunker providing flexible ballistic protection. The S.O.B.’s unique design enables users to assess the threat level and then assemble the S.O.B. into the most suitable configuration in a matter of minutes.

The basic bunker is composed of three modular welded aluminum frames and twenty-seven individual N.I.J. Level IIIA modular ballistic panels.

When assembled, the layered design of the panels provides N.I.J. Level III protection.Each frame section has extruded aluminum channels to receive the ballistic panels. Each channel is designed to permit three panel layers with offset panel joints to create overlap and avoid a weakness in the ballistic system. The left and right hand frames have casters that permit mobility of the fully assembled bunker.

The entire assembly takes less than five minutes. If deployed from the S.O.B. trailer no assembly is required.For more information, download the SCDS Special Ops Bunker techsheet.



Special Ops Bunker Ballistic Podium


The Special Ops Bunker - Ballistic Podium is a ballistic rated moveable and easily deployable ballistic shield specifically designed to be covert giving the look and feel of an existing standard podium and provide protection against an armed intruder.

The Ballistic Podium is suitable for schools, courtrooms, government offices, etc. The ballistic rating is available up to and including N.I.J. Level IV. Custom size, finish and details available upon request.

For more information, download the SCDS Ballistic Podium techsheet. 






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